One Asterisk For Water Research

Human beings are composed of 70% fluids in the body. Plain water is responsible for much of this percentage. Water is indispensable since it maintains the normal functioning of the body cells and systems. To ensure that the body remains hydrated through out, it is recommended that you take eight glasses of water in a single day. 

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Water functions cannot be overlooked and the crucial need for water in our bodies cannot be overstated. Water is necessary to help you loose weight particularly when on a dieting plan. Water is crucial in helping burn calories in the body and even remove the toxins that result due to the body metabolic activities. Water also helps to maintain the normal cellular PH in the blood and in the cells. 

Water also helps to curb skin diseases and disorders. With eliminated skin disorders and diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, the skin remains healthy and young. It is also known that proper hydrated bodies suffer less heart diseases and conditions. 

A glass of water also rejuvenates your body and keeps you physically active and with less fatigue. Water also helps in muscle building and toning which makes your body healthy. Water in the body is also important to improve digestive systems and boosting metabolism and blood oxygenation. 

Water intake also helps in ensuring the normal functioning of the brain and other cells. This keeps the brain sharp and makes you concentrate of daily activities. Water and a properly hydrated body controls cases of migraines and regular headaches. Increased flow of oxygenated blood and fluids to the brain helps improve your alertness and the degree of cognitive functions of the body. 
Water is also proven to be an immune booster by eliminating the toxins that cause diseases. This is apart from eliminating the bad mouth odour. 

To conclude, the need for water is determined by several factors including the activities which one is involved in and whether the activities cause much sweating, Is the person taking enough of other fluids in the form of soft drinks, sports drinks and the health condition of the person. Persons with medical conditions that cause much loss of water need more regular intake of water to replace the lost water in the body.
In the world today people prefer drinking soft drinks, energizers and sports drinks making the natural plain water loose its popularity and luster. However, this trend is misleading and is leaving most people dehydrated.